I am hungry, hear me roar.

My name is Nick Iannone, and I’m hungry. I’m an early-20’s software engineer living in Milwaukee, WI, with my girlfriend of two-plus years, Sydney Walker. I love to eat.

I’ve spent quite a bit of time during high school and college feeling completely envious of people like Anthony Bourdain, who is, I must admit, one of my heroes and partial inspiration for this blog. Being able to travel the world on an empty stomach? See the sights of Rome, Tokyo, Paris, and the like, and eat the things that the real citizens eat? Sign me up. My dad is also a major contributing factor; he’s an international flight captain for American Airlines, and he lives somewhere between a ski town in Colorado, Miami Beach, Orange County, California, and his own private cabin cruiser. I’m not sure exactly which one he’s calling home right now, but I’ve long been told his tales of Brussels, London, Amsterdam, Berlin, Paris, Edinburgh, and all of the other places he’s been able to visit through his job.

Me? I live in Milwaukee. It was the biggest place, with the best schools, jobs, culture, and food that was still accessible to my hometown of Kenosha, WI. (Sorry, Chicago, I know you’re there, but I could never live in you… I’m a Wisconsin boy.) I’ve dreamed about being able to travel, but I could never forsake my hometown and live somewhere else; I absolutely love Milwaukee.

All that aside, the main reason I’m starting this whole thing, and calling it “Feed Me, Milwaukee!”, is that I’m hungry, and I wanted to find out more about the restaurants of the so-called City of Festivals firsthand, and maybe share that with the two or three people who might find this interesting.

As a side note: I am not a foodie. I think Gordon Ramsay is loud and occasionally fun to watch, but I could never stand up to one of those kitchen competition shows. I’m not terribly fond of celebrity chefs. I can cook a little, but I’m just as likely to pick up Taco Bell on my way home from work, and I won’t bat an eye. As such (and for financial reasons), you’re probably not going to see a whole lot of regular activity on this blog; I will, however, chronicle the restaurants I am able to visit throughout the city, be they big or small, with the exception of non-local restaurant chains. (Okay, maybe Buca di Beppo’s gets a pass, but that’s because I know some people there, and it’s one of the first in the chain.)

Tomorrow, on Saturday, May 9th, I’ll be visiting Wolf Peach, in the rapidly-revitalizing Brewer’s Hill neighborhood. I’ll be bringing Sydney, along with my mother, Patricia Gibbs. From what I’ve read, they’re a locally-sourced restaurant which specializes in oven-fired pizza, handmade cocktails and tapas dishes, with an excellent view of the city skyline from their perch atop Brewer’s Hill. Happy Mother’s Day, Mom!

Here’s hoping it’s as good as they say.

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