Keeping Milwaukee Weird

Milwaukee is a pretty weird city. We’re a bastion of liberal hippy feel-goodness in the otherwise excessively conservative state of Wisconsin, a conglomeration of food, art, music and design, and a gathering place for students, professionals, and other city-dwelling folk. Yet for some reason, unlike cities like Portland, OR, Austin, TX, and Santa Cruz, CA, we don’t seem to have a Keep Us Weird-style campaign. Heck, it’s been three and a half years since OnMilwaukee posted an article about it, and we still haven’t banded together to come up with anything. What gives, my fellow freaks?

Milwaukee’s got plenty to celebrate in terms of the wacky and the weird, and some of it is definitely at risk of disappearing. I’m going to be doing an ongoing series on some of the coolest oddities in this grand city, and it’s not going to be limited to food (although I’ll definitely be covering some quirky local grub stops along the way). If anyone has any suggestions for things I should cover, use the power of the Internet and tag your posts #keepmilwaukeeweird. I’ll try to monitor things on my end, and if I see a suggestion that’s worth covering, I’ll add it to my list.

The first place I’ll be covering in my reviews is somewhere very dear to me: the East Side’s beautiful and historic Oriental Theater (2230 N Farwell Ave). Stay tuned, folks!

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